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We encourage you to visit our Salons. More information about Salons with location is located below.

Donna Salon of Luxurious Jewellery at shopping center Alfa

Donna Alfa jewelry store"Donna" @Alfa_parksA place where design lives. A place which encourages. A place you call ‘special’. As special as its customer. A place where your choice is prestige and luxury. A place with most recognized brands represented. Donna Luxurious Jewellery store presents to you a wide range of luxury jewellery collections never seen before in Riga. Located on second floor a shopping center Alfa from entrance ‘A’, a very convenient and great location, Salon represents luxury, is wide and bright. Salon presents most recognized brands, a work from world famous designers, – Roberto Coin, Roberto Bravo, Crieri, Labriola, Breuning, Graziella, offering to customers exclusive and luxury jewellery pieces from brands seen on celebrities. More about brands represented you can reed in this website.

The Fifth Season by Roberto CoinRoberto BravoBreuning

You are more than welcome to visit this marvelous Salons, experience unforgettable feelings and atmosphere and become an owner of exclusive jewellery pieces.

At Donna Salons you can either choose and buy your piece or order one from catalog of brand collections.

The Fifth Season by Roberto Coin

Roberto BravoBreuningCrieriGraziellaLabriolaKiArte

Read more about our Alfa Salon…

Donna jewellery stores at shopping center Galerija Centrs

Donna Galery Centrs Donna Galery CentrsDonna jewelry stores in Riga Center – on second floor at Galerija Centrs offering best location – heart of Riga, its Old Town. Galerija Centrs is a place to visit for every tourist and daily shopping routine place for locals. And right here, from Audeju street side on third and second floors we have placed Donna stores of fine jewellery with a wide range of brand collections, Roberto Coin, Roberto Bravo, Breuning, Graziella, Labriola, beautiful jewellery pieces as Alcozer & J or Mattia Mazza carefully selected and presented pearl and coral hand made jewellery pieces for our beloved customers. In these stores you will find both – luxury and suitable style. Pieces with precious stones are these stores’ pride, while best of design jewellery, earrings, necklaces and rings selection, with special offers to our regular and new clients on offer.

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We will be glad to welcome you and our store representatives will gladly show, explain and present any piece, collection and story to make sure there’s not only our jewellery that goes with you after visit, but also pleasant memories which will bring you back for same experience again and again.
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The Fifth Season by Roberto Coin

Roberto BravoBreuningCrieriGraziellaLabriola

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