Mattia Mazza coral and pearl jewelry

Mattia MazzaThe Mattia Mazza – a company and jewelry brand founded in Torre Del Greco, well-know for its coral production tradition. The company presents itself to global market as a manufacturer of coral and gems and a wholesaler of pearls and turquoise. From hard work anMattia Mazzad experience comes a vast assortment of gold work and jewelry, from classical to innovating designs, perfectly assembled with coral stones, turquoise and pearls. All Mattia Mazza production is a perfect expression of the quality and italian style.
Mattia Mazza was born at the beginning of the 20th century driven by the passion to corals. Since then, more than a hundred years have passed and four generations have succeeded in guiding one of the historical names in the field of coral production, generations that have been able to add innovative elements to an activity that is rooted in tradition. For this reason, red gold in all its shapes and colors has been and will always be at the center of Mattia Mazza business. “Coral but not only” – Mattia Mazza has continually expanded its business horizons, both in raw materials and in finished products. Jewelery characterized by tradition, but also by continuous research of innovative solutions in the lines and materials used.

Donna Mattia Mazza jewelry with coralls

Mattia MazzaMattia Mazza

Explore beauty of Mattia Mazza corals and creations with Donna, visit our saloon to fall in love with those creations set in jewelry pieces.


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