Labriola Bijoux – tastefull italian jewelry

Labriola jewelryLabriola house has a long and passionate history, as it is common for a large Italian families. Although this history is not described here, it should be noted that it is Labriola jewelry collection style foundation nowadays, highlighting it among other jewelers with something specific, binding, careful and cautious, while intensively challenging at the same time. Labriola jewelry itself is made with precision, quality and with regular innovations like other expensive lines, thus have gained international recognition. Craftsmanship, tradition and love emphasizes every single piece of jewelry made under Labriola brand – and trust when it is said – as soon as you will hold one, you will feel it. Labriola brand offers you a collection of thousand shades of color, collections of 18-carat gold, collections of 24 carat gold. Let the jewelry speak for it self:

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