Claudio Canzian Bijoux,

Donna jewellery store, t/c Galerija Centrs 2nd floor

Claudio Canzian is a famous Italian bijoux designer and his creations are now sold in many countries of the world.

His story began near Milan a long time ago, when Claudio took his first steps in the world of bijoux. It was 1980 . At that time he knew the accessories market as a representative, but once he had gained this experience he felt the need to go deeper, he felt that something had changed inside him. It was his creativity that was now ripe, ready to get out of the shell. Claudio noticed this and decided it was time to start a new path, giving life to a line of bijoux.

Then begins a phase of study, preparation and research, which leads him to learn the secrets of the goldsmith’s art by attending the workshop of his brother Alberto. So it was that in 1985 the first creations took shape with the “Claudio Canzian” brand. Over the years the collections have undergone numerous evolutions and innovations, always in step with the new production techniques, boasting a unique and extemporaneous style to the fashions of the moment. The current collection in particular stands out for its references to natural elements in shapes and colors, for the attention to light-dark contrasts and for the three-dimensional dynamism.

He says:
“The love and the exaltation I feel for women and their beauty have pushed me to create for them jewels capable of bringing joy and emotions into their lives.”

This is the philosophy that has guided him throughout all these years of work, and that is why every creation “Claudio Canzian” is a piece entirely made by hand, without the help of the machines. Each piece brings with it the state of mind and the emotions of the people who worked on its realization, as each of us carries within it his own story. A story that comes to a happy ending when a woman notices it and falls in love with it, deciding to take it with her.


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