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A legend of Florence, brand Alcozer & J is creating unique and elite jewelry for more than 20 years by now, creating Renaissance themed jewelry pieces combining with stylish now day elements and technology. Now it is available in Riga, Latvia and can be found in Donna jewellery store in shopping center Galerija Centrs second floor.

Alcozer & J is the jewelry brand of Giampiero Alcozer, a designer who has traveled a lot and explored the world. He chose Florence as a workshop and in 1993 began to create jewelry from brass and semiprecious stones, inspired by the past and traditions, inventing new forms and creating his own style.
Alcozer & J products look like family jewels. Recalling the Venetian and Florentine beauties and magnificent royal balls, they are at the same time modern and light and sophisticated. Unique and elaborated to the smallest details jewelry design is considered the main secret of the success of this brand. What inspired the creator? Giampiero Alcozer himself does not hide the fact that both the masters of the Italian Renaissance and other historical periods have a noticeable influence on his ideas. The magic of past eras is present in every designer’s collection, but they are created using the latest technologies, rethought in a modern way.


Products and collections
Alcozer & J Donna

All brand jewelry is handmade in Florence and generously decorated with natural stones and Swarovski crystals. Many of them are made in one copy.
The brand includes three main collections:
– Classic – jewelry with a predominance of vintage elements, antique style and a wide selection of objects. The collection is issued twice a year and totals more than 400 units.
– Unic – unique products made in the ethnic spirit of metal and stone
– Pendetti (typesetting) and the UOMO men’s line.

All Alcozer & J jewelry is produced in extremely small quantities, and for the UNIC line, the circulation does not exceed 15 copies at all. About 1,500 jewelery are released annually under the Alcozer & J brand, and more than 35,000 models are registered in the historical archive of Alcozer & J.

Jewelry Materials

Alcozer & J Donna

All jewelry is made of high-quality jewelry alloy based on brass “brass”, the recipe of which the designers borrowed from the masters of the Victorian era. This alloy looks like gold. Products are made from it, which are subsequently plated with gold three times by the galvanic method, after which they are varnished in a special furnace. Thanks to multiple coatings, the alloy is strong and durable, and the absence of nickel in the composition is hypoallergenic.

Natural semiprecious stones – topazes, garnets, amethysts, turquoise, agates, as well as pearls, corals and ebony, which are perfectly combined with Swarovski crystals and beads, harmoniously encrusted in this unique alloy. Every piece of jewelry is handmade.



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