Donna Outlet jewelry shopping experience at shopping center Origo

When closing and apparel have saloons and stores, and outlets, we thought – why not name one of our jewelry shopping stores Outlet? We’ve had this one store where we always put previous season jewelry with nice discounts. And now we have named it Donna Outlet Store.
Donna Outlet at shopping center Origo (it’s northern side, building “A”, second floor) – a place where customer service is as individual as in saloon, jewelry is explicit, chosen with great sense of taste. You are welcome to visit our Outlet store at Riga’s most busy and centralized shopping center, right beside city’s railway station.

We’d say that if you are a fashionable person, who wishes to wear only most fashionable jewelry, you should visit our saloon at Alfa shopping center, where you will certainly find what suits you and does not conflict with todays fashion trends. But when trends are not mandatory and you just wish to have a very good looking jewelry, that emphasizes your person, shows your grace or just makes you feel good, our Jewelry Outlet is right what you need. Jewelry does not become old, does not lose its true value. But you should know that this outlet store has pieces with discounts up to 70% – and it’s on regular basis. They are still beautiful, they are still fashionable. Just the previous season trend. Just the best price in town.

We are looking forward to seeing you at our Store, shopping center Origo, second floor, building A.

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